Staring face up into the sky, experiencing the Aurora Borealis, the feeling of wonderment and smallness can be overwhelming.
BLUE x MYL - a project between Montreal artist, Eva Blue and Havana artist Mr MYL. An unlikely duo find inspiration, explore possibilities and mesh styles.This end of pandemic collection brings to life a series that amalgamates their dualities; bringing together different realities, aesthetic styles and artistic visions.
EXHALE: to breathe out. We held our breath for much of the pandemic and as we believed we were coming out of something extraordinary, we started to exhale. We started to see the world open up and the skies open. We ventured. We hoped. We pushed forward. Exhale is a series that came about on a voyage to Greece after pandemic restrictions were lifted. Much time spent outdoors on ferries, navigating seas, visiting vistas and exhaling.
(ÉCLORE) This pandemic turned worlds upside down. As isolation, boundaries and adjustments are made inevitable, entities begin to reflect, introvert and explore modest joys while languishing and blossoming simultaneously. At the beginning of pandemic, Eva Blue completed a series of looking outwards and skywards, now after more than a year into pandemic, her latest series "BLOOM" looks humbly groundingly inwards. There's nothing ordinary about flowers yet we present them in bouquets preened with extra foliage and wrapping as if each floral gem necessitates supplemental primping. With each bouquet, an embellished scenario is set and seen as an ensemble. "BLOOM" explores the being of a singular unadorned peony flower as an entity, of its beauty, simplicity, complexity, intricacy, endurance and unfolding.
Chaste is a series born out of necessity during the restrictive times of COVID-19. Choosing not to lose her mind, she spent many cold nights alone with the stars in barren cityscapes and skyscapes as people were encouraged to stay home and the skies were unencumbered. As restrictions were eased and social distancing required, solitary or distanced individuals were added to the scenes.
out, inside; out
The "out, inside; out" project is a site-specific installation. Ramen Deconstructed - where basic packages of ramen are deconstructed in entirety and reassembled.